🚸Build Land

1.Go to Build page

2.Select a Merlin Land Which Merlin Land will you build? (Land ID)

Land ID recorded in the previous step (Fill in one of the ID)

3.Enter Land title

Name your land and the name will be displayed on our public page (<= 64bytes)

The title that needs to be displayed in MLAPP

3.Enter metadata

Enter a metadata for your Land. Typically this will start with https:// (<= 128bytes)

The URL where you build your MLAPP

4.Upload image

image will be displayed in maps thumbnail Design your image carefully to be 10Γ—10 pixels.

Thumbnails you need to display on Maps

5.Click Build Land

After completion, the following prompt should pop up:

Build Land successful! Congratulations, wizard, for joining our new world!

6.Check if Build is successful

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