๐Ÿ“ขSubmit Github Pull

1.Write standard Json for your APP

  "section": {
    "header": {
      "title": "Add Assets",
      "logo": "https://merlinland.pro/images/AddAssets.png",
      "link": "https://merlinland.pro/addassets"
    "description": "Build the first app in MLAPP. Used to quickly add various assets of MerLin Land",
    "tags": [
    "landID": {
      "id": "679"

2.Save the Json file you wrote as id.json

Example: According to the above Json, we need to save the file name 679.json

3.Submit to Github

Go to Github

๏ผˆ1๏ผ‰Fork this Json repository

(2) Upload the Json you filled in to your Fork repository

(3)Find pull requests - New pull requests in your Fork repository

(4) Create pull requests

(5)Fill in the Txhash of burning Merlin Box

Add a title๏ผš
Add MLAPP Land id๏ผšyour id
Add a description:
Burn Merlin Box TXHash: Your Burn Merlin Box TXHash

(6)Click Create pull requests and wait for our team to merge the request after submission.

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