Q: Why can’t I see the land ID after I mint Merlin Land?

A: Because we want more wizards to participate in Merlin Land, we need to lower the threshold for participation. We take advantage of the protocol features of ERC1420 and only send ERC20 tokens in Mint Land. But you can restore Land’s inscription & NFT & space axis coordinates at any time. You simply transfer MerlinLand Tokens to your own address (the same address where the wallet is held or any address). In principle, it can be restored as long as a transaction occurs. (Click on the URL to quickly add Merlin Land Token), then you need to enter the blockchain browser to view your Land ID

Go here for specific instructions :

Regarding the issue of restoring Land ID, you only need to restore it if you have not generated any transactions after Free Mint. If you purchased it in Swap, the Land ID will follow the transaction.

Q: What is the difference between Merlin Land and Merlin Box, and what is their relationship?

A: In the Merlin Land universe, Merlin Land is the basic plot, and all construction needs to be based on the basic plot, so we set up 331776 Lands and are compatible with Bitmap. We want to involve the wider community, and the Merlin Box is the basis for building Land's special features, so we set four properties for the Merlin Box. Because the construction of a large amount of Merlin Land requires the consumption of more Merlin Boxes, the relationship between the two is symbiotic, and more Land construction will correspondingly increase more Boxes, which will drive these two assets.

Q: What are the plans for Merlin Land?

A: Our ultimate goal is to use the ERC1420 protocol to establish a new Metaverse & GameFI & Inscription & NFT & Token interchange protocol standard, so we created the functions of metadata and space axis. In the future, we will release metadata standards based on ERC1420. You can use JSON or Space IDE to quickly bring multi-chain L1 (BTC or ETH SOL...etc.) native assets to Merlin Land, and then build your own Land and provide it to the public to play.

Similar to Roblox and Sandbox, the ERC1420 protocol is completely decentralized. At the same time, it provides developers with a more convenient and low-cost development method. Moreover, ERC1420 will also provide investors with more sufficient liquidity and exit channels.

Let's imagine a cool thing, you build a town in Merlin Land, your town uses PVP challenge mode, and then your reward for completing the level is a BRC420 Dragon Ball, and you set a ticket for each participation, and at the same time You can introduce your own ERC20 or BRC20 tokens and reward the losers of each challenge with your own tokens.

Or you can develop content that is separate from our website, such as an advertising yellow pages, to read Merlin Land's metadata content and use it to display advertising or other content. (tip: This is MLAPP)

It's like Lego, it's all about human creativity. So what we need to do is build the ERC1420 metadata standard, and you can develop any functionality you want on this metadata standard. Having a metadata standard will also bring in more developers to jointly build the ERC1420 protocol ecosystem. You can also build anything you want to develop yourself, bringing unlimited possibilities to the ERC1420 protocol.

Q: Will Box/Lnad increase the total supply?

A: No, Box/Lnad has limited the total supply in the smart contract. Lnad is not Bitmap and will not increase the total supply. Everything in the future will be built around Box/Lnad.

Q:What is metadata?

A: The current version of metadata will directly display the URL content. In our future plan, we will establish a metadata standard. After that, you can build land according to the metadata standard. We will read the metadata URL to display the content. You can Metadata, imagine it as a VM, in which you can create all content that meets standards. This will reduce the cost of uploading all content to the chain. We only need to read data that meets standards. You also reduce gas costs and realize off-chain updates at the same time.

Q: Where is the inscription & NFT about Box/Lnad?

A: Actually the inscription & NFT of Box/Lnad has been generated, it is now on the blockchain, but because Merlin Chain lacks the main NFT market, you cannot view it, now it can be displayed in the block explorer.

Q: Does the content of Build Lnad exist on the blockchain?

A: Yes, it is completely stored on the blockchain. You can go to our contract to view it, including metadata, image, ID and Title. We will encode the 1010 image into RGBdata and then save it on the chain. , this 10PX*10PX image will be displayed on the large map in Maps. If you want to display a clearer image, you can use metadata. If you want to build Land in batches, you can go to Build's smart contract, which provides batch functionality.

Q:What exactly are we doing?

A: Um......We hope to build a VM based on the ERC1420 standard, which is similar to Roblox but built on Web3, but it is not Roblox. Our point of view is open, you can create in this standard Any content you want, it can be Yellow Pages. Games. Porn. All in all, it requires Dev to use his imagination.

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